Best Internet Radio App for Android and iOS

Free app for Internet English radio stations of USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore. Listen to live English news, music, talk program and podcasts. Best app for English Radio lovers. Good for English learners to improve English listening and speaking skills, especially for those who are preparing for IELTS, TOFEL, TOEIC. Join the largest online English Corner community, meet new people and make friends all over the world. Learn English effectively by actually using the language, practise spoken English by talking to other people online. Think in English, write in English, use every opportunity to speak English. Best CarPlay app for iPhone English radio program.


  • Internet English radios of UK, USA UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other English speaking countries.
  • Good collection of news, talk, music, comedy, sports and online courses.
  • Free to download English audio and video.
  • Playlist, background play, Apple CarPlay and lock screen control.
  • Chat with your friends or with people online.
  • Free texting, voice messages, sending photos and customised animated stickers.
  • Get message alerts instantly with push notifications.
  • Share your moments, Like and comment on photos with your friends.
  • Talk in English. Practice in voice chatroom.


Learn English with English Radio


Listen to Radio in English everyday. It doesn’t matter how long you listen for, whether it’s just five minutes or one hour. The key is consistency.

Find Your favourite internet radio stations. Listen to Talk stations to improve your English listening skills. They span many topics. Choose those interest you. Don’t limit yourself to only one radio.

Interviews programs will help your understanding since they usually follow the Q&A pattern. Listening to interviews on the radio will help you practice intonation when asking questions, and also learn how people respond naturally to questions in English.

You don’t have to understand every single word. It’s much more important that you can understand the key point of the sentence. Therefore you don’t need a dictionary to look up all unknown words.

英语电台 – 雅思托福听力口语

英語ラジオ – スピーキング リスニング

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Listen to Japanese internet Radio


If you are interested in online Japanese Radio, please check this app – Japan Radio